Why Tiffany Haddish is the Light at the End of the Raggedy Tunnel

The Unorthodox Light Bearer Showing Us It Is OKAY To Be Authentic

Photo By: Elton Anderson, Jr

SHE READY!! I will be the first to admit that I really did not know who in the world Tiffany Haddish was, even during the promotion of Girls Trip. I will say, her energy was powerful and very magnetic. I was not on the EssenceFest, Girls Trip, get my groove back wave when the movie premiered. Naw. It took me some time to actually go to the theaters to watch the film, not for lack of interest. I knew the movie was going to be great, but I also knew that the story line was one that has been revisited through out Hollywood in a number of films, but I digress.

Tiffany Haddish has been on the scene for a hot minute, with a pretty extensive résumé that covers Disney guest roles and blockbuster films. She is far from an overnight sensation. She has been in the game for about 13 years; hustling through homelessness, set backs, and whatever struggles an up and coming comedienne faces trying to make it big in Hollywood. Single women struggle day in and out to make it through their 9–5’s so one can only imagine how it was for her. Whilst, she is criticized for being too ghetto, ratchet, and not good for “black culture”-I see her a necessary light for those who are trying hard to remain true to themselves when the world is telling them change to fit it.

We see countless news stories about black girls being suspended for their natural hair, black boys losing their lives for what they wore or how they are perceived as a threat, black women going messing without a trace, and black men dying for being black. In a world where this is our reality, to see Tiffany Haddish Nae-Nae on stage, be vibrant with he words, and powerful in her character, and still be the authentic, funny force she knew she could be is the most refreshing thing ever!!

She speaks from her core, from the deepest places of her heart, from the corners or her mind that knows a longing and a want to be great. Tiffany Haddish represents every one of us that is struggling to get on. Those of us that are in rooms of people that we are trying to impress so that they can give us a chance to get to the next level. She represents the parts of me that seldom get the acknowledgment I feel they deserve. She is living her best life, never forgetting where she started and those who have helped her along the way. There is something cathartic about the humbleness that brews under the firecracker personality she has. Her rawness reminds me of comedic geniuses from back in the day. Prior, Foxx, Wilson, and her heart reminds me of Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou. She says she is not poetic, but when she speaks from her heart her words light up every corner of the room and people have no choice put to listen. That and her voice is a little raspy so it is a bit coarse on the ears. Nevertheless, she is whom she has proven to be authentic AF.

She has stayed the course to who she truly is, down to re-wearing her Alexander McQueen dress that she is surely getting her cost per wear out of! I don’t know why we look down on people that wear their clothes multiple times, it is their clothing. We should be looking cock-eyed at people that wear uniforms if that is the case. People who do not understand her upbringing, her experiences, her heart, or mindset will always come up with the most wayward things to say. I have an issue with people who are loud, crass, and a little obnoxious- I can only take them in small doses. Tiffany Haddish falls into this category. But she also falls into the category of women that I will follow and speak intently for. I love women that are true to their passions and their hearts. Women that continue to pour into others faithfully and unconditionally.

Lessons I hope we can learn from her is to never lose the person that you are. Own your authenticity and let it speak for you when you enter the room. We all have a journey, some journeys are more raggedy and messed up more than other, but that should never stop you from getting out there and being you. Her rags to riches story does not inspire me; her transparency does. She has learned, grown, and blossomed and she is showing out for the world to see and she holding true to Tiffany Haddish while doing it.

As we celebrate National Women’s History Month I want to highlight women that shining a light for others as they travel their journeys. The roads are rugged and we all need a guide, or two to make it.